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The continuing story of Asterisk Aug. 9th, 2011 @ 05:13 pm

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

So this weekend, I had it ALL working.

Then yesterday I discovered I had a problem, I could not dial out to C*NET.

I thought, it must have been a FreePBX module I installed.

Nope that didn’t fix it.

Oh well, reinstall time.

BAD idea, this made things much worse, because I didn’t even think of ONE little thing, see,  as I discovered someone told me after I ranted on the C*NET mailing list. CentOS has an issue with setting static domains with netconfig.  See I had a problem with that before, and fixed it, but didn’t realize what it was, or if what I did actually was what had fixed it.

I ranted and grumbled and wasted those guys time, when I should have know better.

and you know what the problem was? There was an outbound route that was getting in the way that I should have deleted anyway.


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$@#%^ PhoneGnome Aug. 7th, 2011 @ 11:09 pm

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

What’s going on there PhoneGnome? For more than 5 hours my device has not been connecting, and I can not get to my.phonegnome.com.

Data center problems? No status update on the blog?  That’s not good customer service!

Telling your users/customers nothing, is worse than giving bad news.

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ring ring ring ring ring ring ring giant phone Aug. 7th, 2011 @ 01:49 pm

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

When I was a kid I liked the idea of being able to pick up the phone to find out the time, or the weather. That’s REALLY what fascinated me about phones, not talking to people, but having a machine talk back to me, locally we always had phone numbers you could call to do that, like the time number 358-1212 or the number a local TV station, channel 17 had provided to get information, 641-1717

As I got older, I also became fascinated with Voice over IP (or VoIP] technologies, I once had a phone attached to my computer and had Vocaltec Internet Phone software, back when I still was on dialup. I also played with a Windows port of Asterisk once,  just to see how such an awesome VoIP PBX actually worked, and a FREE one no less.

Just before I moved into my own place, I started thinking about setting up my own Asterisk server here and doing some cool things with it.

As a starting point, I got a new magicJack, and  a PhoneGnome, and a cordless phone that I could blue tooth link to my mobile phone. Once I got that all set up and working, I wanted MORE. Then I got Bria for my notebook, and started playing with that, BUT I still wanted Asterisk.

In my searches of what all I could do with Asterisk, I stumbled upon C*NET. DANG so if I get onto that, I can call all of those numbers?  People with phone switching equipment and old phones connected to Asterisk? WANT! Oh and wait, I can get check the weather too?

So, I asked if I could take some of the old computer equipment home from the office. I have been working on this for a few weeks now.

And guess what!?!? I AM ON C*NET

Now what I have at the moment, pales in comparison to, for instance, Los Angeles Telephone or Green Mountain Telephone

But it’s mine. 1-260 on C*NET is MIIIIIIIIIINE!

Right now I am running PBX in a Flash (PiaF-Purple) and I can dial out to PSTN numbers with a 9+number, C*NET with an 8+number, and tollfree numbers just as they are.

More to come

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Panasonic GET WITH THE TIMES!!!! Aug. 1st, 2011 @ 10:13 am

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

Why, does Document Manager STILL not install on Windows 7 64-bit? Hello? HELLO MCFLY?  Anyone home over there? Windows 7 64-bit has been around long enough for there to be support for it, and for that matter, we can’t be the only people having this issue. GET WITH THE TIMES!

Also, please, please stop screwing with your site, I have to Google for the drivers for our Document Center, because you make it impossible to find the right part of the site! NICE with the complicated junk and the redirects… also, your “business support” link just takes me back to the front page of the site.

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Kindle Woes Jul. 22nd, 2011 @ 11:33 am

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a brand new, 3rd generation Amazon Kindle, my second Kindle I have ever owned. Today, after realizing my iPod didn’t sync right, I decided I would pick up my Kindle today instead, slide the switch….uh oh

Part of the screensaver remained on the screen, and from there it only gets worse! Tried to troubleshoot it, and reset the thing, and reset the thing, and reset the thing, and reset the thing. After each reset the screen got worse.

Shot an email off to support, they told me to call, so they could go through it with me, and possibly file a warranty claim, so I called, and was told to charge it and follow the hard reset instructions in the email I was sent. Guess what, it’s exactly what I already did, about four times.

This is really beginning to make me mad, this was a brand new barely used Kindle.  My “Oh that site is awesome” view of Amazon is gone. Don’t hate, never hate, but am just blah over it all. Especially after so much has been breaking in my office the last week or so, I really am not happy with machines right now.

EDIT: New Kindle coming next week, just had to get to the right people on the phone, no hassle at all the second try.

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» uhhhhh

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

Why do things close so early, like the Comcast office by my house at 6! PEOPLE WORK, PEOPLE WHO NEED TO STOP BY THERE can’t go before that time! 6? What idiot chooses 6pm?

» More Comcast issues

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

Can you tell support people are frustrating me?

These last two nights, I’ve been trying to set up a cable box for my grandmother, and anyone who knows me personally knows I know more about this stuff than the people on the phone do, I use a friend who works for them as an example, he comes to me for tech help. The box won’t turn on at all, and just flickers 88:88 every so often.

My grandmother decided to call even though I recommended against it, and the guy on the phone was not only hard to understand, but it appears he either did not understand me, or was not paying attention. I told him the box would not turn on, after some back and forth trying to figure out what box it is, he puts me on hold and doesn’t say he’s putting me on hold.

Then he takes me back off hold and says “Well maybe it’s not turned on” NO KIDDING, I just said it would NOT TURN ON, he sent a reset signal, and it disconnected the phone call, because she has Comcast phone. How stupid can you be, send the wrong reset signal, and he kept referring to the cable box as a modem.

EDIT 06/22/11: Changed title from “Comcast stupidity” to “More Comcast issues” and made some edits to make it easier to read. I wanted to go back and change it yesterday, but WordPress was acting up. Also changed “making me mad” to “frustrating me” I was just having a bad day.


» Prosper.com Support Incompetence

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

I will happily make it public, how incompetent Prosper.com support people are.

Prosper is an interesting concept, it’s a p2p loan service, making it easier for people to get loans when they need them, from people willing to loan their own money, it’s very well set up.

In the last year, I have made about 6 attempts to get my bank account information updated with Prosper.com.  Each time, they tell me to either fax it or scan it, because my driver’s license isn’t light enough. A Florida driver’s license is made so that it is next to imposible to make perfect copies of, it was done to cut down on counterfeit licenses. The people at Prosper many times have sent me the same form emails, telling me that it was not light enough. At one point they even asked that I call them, which was also of no help at all, they said they saw I faxed it I should try to scan it. That was the 4th try, the 5th try was today, the 6th try, which was faxed, and exactly the same as what I sent for the 5th try.

They are so incompetent, that they don’t pay attention to the fact I’ve had the same issue multiple times, they have even given me at least five, case numbers. A new case number each time I try, that alone shows that they are not smart enough to be paying attention to my issue, or they are just ignoring everything previous, either way that is horrible customer service.

» Stardock…are you kidding me?

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

So I am late to the game to discover that Impulse was sold to GameStop, what an awful idea. GameStop SUCKS. People hate GameStop for a reason, for some, they go because the used games, or in some cases it’s their only option, the way they have treated PC gamers over the years, it shocks me that someone would sell a PC game retail business to them. They absolutely could give a rat’s butt about PC gamers. GameStop is the worst possible option.

Apparently Brad Wardell decided he’d rather Stardock not be a retailer, excuse me, If you don’t want to be a retailer, don’t start a retail business, plain and simple common sense. As much as I have loved Stardock, I am seriously considering giving up on Impulse and I am not the only one. Very, very bad move.

» Pizza with a fork?

Originally published at Random Giant. Please leave any comments there.

Who cares, it’s nobody’s business how Donald Trump and Sarah Palin eat a slice of pizza. Not only that, but to whine about it, is a complete waste of time, I am shocked at the whiners that called into K-LOVE about it the other day. WHO CARES!

A coworker told me, when she was 18 visiting new york, she was chastised for NOT eating it with a fork.

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